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Thank you for your Interest to download White Paper “Financing Strategies to Achieve GH2 Competitiveness ($ 1/KG)” developed by Deesha Power.

Deesha Power, a leading provider of GH2-led net zero solutions, is pleased to announce the publication of its second white paper on green hydrogen titled “Financing Strategies to Achieve GH2 Competitiveness ($ 1/KG)”, as knowledge and strategic partner for the GH2 Conclave 2023 happened on 25th May 2023 at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai. The report was released by Hon Shri. Nitin Gadkariji, Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.

The white paper provides an in-depth analysis of the following key aspects:

  • Global GH2 Financing Programs & Implications for India: A comprehensive review of GH2 Initiatives and financing strategies by four countries viz EU, USA, Japan, and China. More importantly, what are the learnings for India?
  • India’s Unique GH2 Funding Opportunity: After the release of the National Hydrogen Mission, lot many opportunities have opened. The white paper presents a hydrogen ecosystem to support the vision of 5 MMTPA by 2030 and a unique financing opportunity for global investors and lenders therein.
  • Views of the Industry Stalwarts: Deesha Power did extensive stakeholder consultation across the GH2 value chain and reached out to 20+ C-level executives through a structured questionnaire. This section provides highlights of such primary interactions.
  • Strategies to Accelerate GH2 Financing: The white paper presents a five-pronged strategy to accelerate GH2 financing. Among others, it deliberates the need for equity investment vehicles, dedicated GH2 banks, need to promote frugal innovation.
  • Roadmap for GH2 @ $ 1/KG: For a cost-sensitive market like India, competitive GH2 is a must. White paper deliberates key assumptions for present GH2 pricing, various levers for reducing the cost of GH2, and its systematic roadmap till 2030.


Deesha Power’s white paper on the financing of green hydrogen serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, industry stakeholders, investors, and anyone interested in understanding the potential of this transformative energy carrier. It provides actionable insights and recommendations to accelerate the financing for competitive GH2 and propel the global transition toward a sustainable and low-carbon future.

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Mr. Shardul Kulkarni, MD & CEO Deesha Power


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